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Integral design of green spaces and collaborations with professionals from other disciplines such as architecture, interior design or engineering.


For each project, I take into account the conditions and elements of the place of action, as well as your needs, developing a project that evolves from the initial stage or preliminary project -in which the general criteria are proposed-, passing through the executive project -where they define the characteristics and details- even the construction management -when the proposal is implemented in the space.

I would love to help you incorporate greener into your life, both in your office, restaurant, shop, business, event, image session or shooting ... and in your own home.


I am in charge of the study of the place where you would like to have more plant life to take into account the needs of the space and its conditioning factors in addition to knowing your preferences.


My proposal will include the botanical species for each location, their container and their support if necessary.

I can also help you with maintenance by providing you with the knowledge and instructions necessary for you to carry it out.

Living and dynamic spaces.

Environments and elements connected and linked with and through plants.

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