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plantscaping service

Strategic location of indoor plant species to enhance and highlight aspects of architectural design.


Starting from the space and its conditions, the preferences and needs of the client, I prepare a proposal that includes a selection of botanical species, their container or pot and the support if required.


My training in interior design and agricultural engineering are based on these types of projects in which I organize places by playing with plants that bring them beauty, well-being and health.

You are interested in this service if ...

You have an office, coworking, bar, restaurant, hotel or premises with any type of activities open to the public.

Also if you have a private home.

What will be my work in this type of projects?

Location of plants in a space where there were none before, positively altering the perception of the place and causing pleasant sensations in everyone who lives the place, personally or professionally.

What sensations and emotions are generated?

With these projects I seek to bring order, beauty and harmony.

Plants bring life, color and light, lower stress levels, influence mood, improve air quality and convey positive and comforting feelings. They are without a doubt a source of well-being and serenity.

Introducing one or more plant elements generates a completely different vision and perception of the same place.
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