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landscaping service

In these projects I am in charge of the integral design of all kinds of green outdoor spaces and I also collaborate with professionals from other disciplines such as architecture, interior design or engineering who have outdoor projects in which to influence and contribute.

Taking into account the conditions and elements of the place of action and the needs of the client, I carry out the complete development of the project, starting with an initial stage or preliminary project (stage in which the general criteria are proposed), followed by an executive project (stage in which the characteristics and details are defined) and ending with a phase of project management (stage in which the proposal is materialized in the space).

You are interested in this service if ...

You are an individual with an outdoor space (garden, patio, terrace or balcony) that you want to improve / change or if you have just acquired a property and you are in the initial phase of the construction or renovation project and you want it to have an outdoor space.

You are a professional client with a project in which the incidence and work of an external space is necessary.

What will be my work in this type of projects?

The approach to each project depends on very diverse factors such as the situation or location, the history of the place, the size or scale of the project, the briefing or needs.


Starting from the analysis and conceptualization of the place, I am in charge of developing a project in which I explore the different possibilities taking into account the functionality and objective of the space, preserving and maximizing simplicity.

What sensations and emotions are generated?

The order, beauty and harmony around us are a source of well-being and serenity and with this type of work you can enjoy all of this through the creative and strategic impact of the spaces. This allows us to live and experience smells, enjoy the colors, textures and shapes and be in direct contact with the vegetation, feeling the changes of the season, appreciating the transformation of colors and shades, the appearance or loss of leaves and flowers ...


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