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interior designer and agricultural technical engineer

I have always been amazed and attracted to the plant world, the composition, aesthetics and organization of spaces that make you feel in harmony with them, feeling that you are part of that universe, that the dispositions and relationships between elements have a sense, that each place and its objects transmit and tell you something and that they stimulate you emotionally and mentally, affecting how you are and feel.


I'm Bàrbara Pla and I dedicate myself to landscaping and plantscaping.

I have trained in interior design and agricultural technical engineering, specializing in landscaping.


My technical training and experience, together with a sensitivity, aesthetics and admiration for the plants that define me as a person and professional, have led me to train and work in different landscaping offices in Spain and abroad, placing me in the place in the that I am today, creating coherent, harmonic, balanced, healthy, creative and aesthetically attractive spaces.

I work daily from my own studio conceiving spaces in which plants coexist with the different elements of the place. I strategically plan both the selection of species and their location in the project to design, highlight and enhance the space, create areas, environments and hierarchies among the different elements, both living and design and furniture, and in this way benefit the space what the plants contribute by influencing issues such as acoustics, temperature and the state of the air, as well as the emotions and sensations of those who inhabit them.

I play with space and its elements, and I choose creatively and strategically others that add value with a special focus on plant life, seeking with them the well-being of those who will live in these places.

I also incorporate in my proposals solutions that take into account the environment and the climate emergency. Nowadays it is impossible to separate design from environmental issues and therefore in all design phases I include elements and practices that allow sustainable solutions.

My studies, training and look have allowed me to approach and intervene in reality in a different way than usual and today I work in a field that I am passionate about feeling lucky for it and that is, I want to wake up daily making my dream come true, creating in freedom and fully enjoying the spaces surrounded by plant elements. This is a world of unlimited nuances, rich and infinite. It provides us with calm, peace, vitality, time or seasonality, warmth, freshness, smells that transport us to different memories of moments or spaces ... And lots of life.


With or without green, the experience in our lives can be totally different.




photo by @nadiatremoulet

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